Breathing for the less “enlightened”

Breathing. I’ve literally been doing since I was born, so I should know a thing or two about it, right? Yet, when it came to yoga, meditating, or calming down, being told to focus on my breath struck me as equal parts obvious and annoying. During those moments, it didn’t feel like I was getting any closer to a deeper stretch, everlasting peace or dissipating anger. The reality is, awareness of, and the intentional use of one’s breath needs to be cultivated. I want to share with you a simple breathing exercise that can be used to get an emotional … Read More

The Theme for 2015 :: Action

2015: the year to take action

Last year, I let go of having resolutions and instead chose a theme to have as a focus for the year. It was an experiment to see if it would be possible to achieve outcomes that mattered to me without having a strict list of to dos. It turned out way better than I expected! When I look back on 2014, I can honestly say that I lived out the theme of awareness and alignment with great success. Because of that, I’m now more clear than ever about who I am, who I want to serve, the work I want to do … Read More

Gratitude is my Care Bear stare

This post was originally published on The Loveumentary for their 30 day gratitude challenge here. Last year, an unexpected thing started to happen during an ordinary moment in my day. It was grey and almost rainy, the kind of day that’s typical as the season approaches winter. But I felt like walking sunshine, as though rays of light were physically bursting out from my chest. I was having my own version of a Care Bear stare. “What is going on?”, I asked myself with curiosity. For sure, I was in a good mood. But feeling a strong physical flow of … Read More

Keeping worry in check

Worry is a misuse of imagination

I am a recovering worrier. I used to tell myself (and others), “It’s not worrying! It’s called being prepared and thinking things through in anticipation.” Raise your hand if this sounds familiar. Don’t get me wrong. Thinking ahead, considering scenarios and being prepared are good skills to have. But where this takes a turn to worry-town is when it becomes hyper-vigilance applied to everything indiscriminately, and the concern for what lies ahead in the unknown becomes the enemy. Worry can often be a habitual reaction to avoiding discomfort or other painful situations. Born from past suffering, we steel ourselves to make sure it doesn’t happen … Read More

About love

I’ve been feeling energetically depleted and spiritually exhausted of late. Despite trying to get my self-care back on track, I couldn’t shake the fog.Then I experienced the most beautiful yin yoga class last night. I fell into a wonderfully deep mediative state, feeding me the nourishment I craved. But what gave me release and brought tears to my eyes was when my teacher read the following words, words I so needed to hear. I leave it here for you. Dear Human:  You’ve got it all wrong. You didn’t come here to master unconditional love. That is where you came from and where … Read More

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 25 :: Acrylic pens

Drawing and painting with acrylic pens

Last Monday I had the pleasure of hanging out with Sean (whom I met at Late Nite Art) at a local coffee shop to chat and do a bit of art. He has such a unique style and if you check out his Instagram, you see quite a few pieces that are done with acrylic pens. Yup – acrylic pens! Easy to travel with and no mess (unless you’re like me, who manages to smear paint all over anyway). A blank piece of paper can be so intimidating and I started out pretty timidly. Eventually, after drawing a bunch of stripes and … Read More

When are you “on”?

When self-criticism rears its head, pay attention instead to when you're "on"

This is for the perfectionists, the relentless improvement seekers and the harsh self-critics. When it comes to developing new skills or working on something I want to improve, I more often than not focus on where I’m “off”, not quite there yet, or just plain sucking. I’ll say things like, “that could be better”, “I just need to improve x, y, and z to really rock it”, or “It doesn’t feel natural yet, I still have a ways to go.” In short, the self-criticism roars out, all intent on being helpful. Of course it’s important to keep an eye out for … Read More

Unravel and recreate

Sometimes we need to unravel and recreate.

A couple days ago at yoga, my favourite teacher started the class by asking us about Cat’s Cradle. Remember? I spent many hours during my childhood playing this simple but evolving game, needing nothing more than a friend, our fingers, and a piece of string. She continued by saying that after awhile, she’d be at a loss about her next move or it would get too complicated and she’d have to unravel and start again. Then she dropped some insight that stayed with me. We are just like that piece of string and sometimes we need to unravel and recreate. … Read More

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 22 :: Late Nite Art

Sometimes I lament that there isn’t cool art stuff happening in my city. Not true, of course. Since I started to rekindle my interest in art, I find myself stumbling upon some pretty neat stuff right under my nose. Late Nite Art is the perfect example. The basic premise is a bunch of people get together with artists, share a meal and then dive into creating something for the night. Amazing, right? Last Saturday, I took part in my first Late Nite Art experience. They went big this time, hosting over 100 people with seven different artists leading multiple workshops. … Read More

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 20 :: Acrylic in 20

What we painted in 20 minutes

Since starting the practice of getting my creative muscles going, I’ve been finding myself curious and pulled towards drawing and painting. Every few weeks or a couple of months, I attend a Fab Four dinner, which is where three of my closest girlfriends and I get together to eat, talk, laugh and connect. This past weekend, we did not only all that but we painted too. Hosted by my friend Larissa, who is such a gifted painter herself, we laid down canvas to see what we could do in 20 minutes. Why 20 minutes? Larissa is taking part in an art … Read More