fiftytwocreatives :: Week 20 :: Acrylic in 20

What we painted in 20 minutes

Since starting the practice of getting my creative muscles going, I’ve been finding myself curious and pulled towards drawing and painting.

Every few weeks or a couple of months, I attend a Fab Four dinner, which is where three of my closest girlfriends and I get together to eat, talk, laugh and connect. This past weekend, we did not only all that but we painted too. Hosted by my friend Larissa, who is such a gifted painter herself, we laid down canvas to see what we could do in 20 minutes.

Why 20 minutes? Larissa is taking part in an art battle this Friday, where she has 20 minutes to paint whatever she chooses. Winners (as chosen by the audience) move onto following rounds until one winner emerges to move onto a bigger competition. It’s fast, energetic and fun and what comes out of 20 minutes is often astounding. I can’t wait!

I was surprised by what the four of us managed in such a short time, without discussion other than agreeing on a seascape, on a canvas that’s at least 3’x5′. I’m more curious than ever about acrylics now. A trip to the art store is imminent.

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  1. Larissa

    You are my best adorable friend! All the very best with all your endeavors on new spiritual path. When you need to share something,. you share your heart fully, and your heart is BIG!!

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