fiftytwocreatives :: Week 22 :: Late Nite Art

Sometimes I lament that there isn’t cool art stuff happening in my city. Not true, of course. Since I started to rekindle my interest in art, I find myself stumbling upon some pretty neat stuff right under my nose.

Late Nite Art is the perfect example. The basic premise is a bunch of people get together with artists, share a meal and then dive into creating something for the night. Amazing, right?

Last Saturday, I took part in my first Late Nite Art experience. They went big this time, hosting over 100 people with seven different artists leading multiple workshops. Two things really drew me to this:

  1. Making art and meeting new artists
  2. Being explicitly encouraged to sit with people you don’t know so you can make new friends

In short – it was fantastic! I went alone and met lots of other people who also came alone.  Yay for solo adventures! Amazing conversations were had, meaningful connections made. And! We got to create. I loved the sense of people letting their guard down, opening up to engage with each other and leaving behind insecurities about what they were drawing/making.

I didn’t snap too many pics since I was mindful of just being in the moment but here are few from the two workshops I did.

As luck would have it (since it’s all random how we got assigned, though nothing is ever really random), my first workshop was with Rachael Ashe, whom I’m a big admirer of. She does the most beautiful and intricate paper art. We didn’t have enough time to dive into paper cutting so we doodled patterns instead. We started with our own, then rotated around the table, adding to each piece as we went.

Late nite art Rachael Ashe workshop

Late nite art Rachael Ashe workshop

Late nite art Rachael Ashe workshop

My second workshop was with Sean Karemaker, artist/illustrator extraordinaire. He shared with us the inspiration behind a lot of his work (personal and pivotal moments in his life) and encouraged us to draw some of ours.

Late nite art Sean Waremaker workshop

Late nite art Sean Waremaker workshopWine, yummy local food, making new friends and creating like a kid again… see you at the next event?


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