fiftytwocreatives :: Week 25 :: Acrylic pens

Drawing and painting with acrylic pens

Last Monday I had the pleasure of hanging out with Sean (whom I met at Late Nite Art) at a local coffee shop to chat and do a bit of art.

He has such a unique style and if you check out his Instagram, you see quite a few pieces that are done with acrylic pens. Yup – acrylic pens! Easy to travel with and no mess (unless you’re like me, who manages to smear paint all over anyway).

A blank piece of paper can be so intimidating and I started out pretty timidly. Eventually, after drawing a bunch of stripes and shapes, I scrapped the whole thing by flooding it with blue to start again. Eventually I got comfortable creating a scene, playing with gradients and adding details with a white ink pen.

Thanks Sean for all your tips, suggestions and company!


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