fiftytwocreatives :: Week 25 :: Acrylic pens

Drawing and painting with acrylic pens

Last Monday I had the pleasure of hanging out with Sean (whom I met at Late Nite Art) at a local coffee shop to chat and do a bit of art. He has such a unique style and if you check out his Instagram, you see quite a few pieces that are done with acrylic pens. Yup – acrylic pens! Easy to travel with and no mess (unless you’re like me, who manages to smear paint all over anyway). A blank piece of paper can be so intimidating and I started out pretty timidly. Eventually, after drawing a bunch of stripes and … Read More

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 22 :: Late Nite Art

Sometimes I lament that there isn’t cool art stuff happening in my city. Not true, of course. Since I started to rekindle my interest in art, I find myself stumbling upon some pretty neat stuff right under my nose. Late Nite Art is the perfect example. The basic premise is a bunch of people get together with artists, share a meal and then dive into creating something for the night. Amazing, right? Last Saturday, I took part in my first Late Nite Art experience. They went big this time, hosting over 100 people with seven different artists leading multiple workshops. … Read More

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 20 :: Acrylic in 20

What we painted in 20 minutes

Since starting the practice of getting my creative muscles going, I’ve been finding myself curious and pulled towards drawing and painting. Every few weeks or a couple of months, I attend a Fab Four dinner, which is where three of my closest girlfriends and I get together to eat, talk, laugh and connect. This past weekend, we did not only all that but we painted too. Hosted by my friend Larissa, who is such a gifted painter herself, we laid down canvas to see what we could do in 20 minutes. Why 20 minutes? Larissa is taking part in an art … Read More

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 18 :: Tulips

Oh boy, did I ever fall off the creative train. Inspiration evaporated and I took a break. But then it came, slowly and quietly, the soft whispers calling me back. To create. So I took to my sketch book with a pencil and a few markers, setting aside expectations and criticism, letting my hand and eye, taking me to where it wanted. Once I was done I showed my boyfriend. He paid me a compliment and I instantly discounted it. He said, “Why did you say that? Don’t ever say that about your art, appreciate it!” That’s why I love … Read More

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 14 :: Neighbourhood photo walk

I’ve been meaning to do more photo walks. I’m not sure when we started calling them photo walks instead of just, “going out to take some photos.” Anyway, here are a few shots from my walk through the Grandview Woodlands neighbourhood. I rarely come through here but there are so many unique houses, beautiful gardens and friendly folks. And of course, Trout Lake. Growing up in the barren prairies that is Calgary, I never grow tired of spring in Vancouver with all the flowers and trees blooming. Hence, plenty of flower pics, most of which I can’t name, but appreciate … Read More

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 12 :: Zentangle in colour

Zentangles in colour

I’m a little in love with zentangles after my successful first attempt. This week, I broke out the colour pens to see how it would play out. A few things I’ve discovered along the way. I prefer to do them in black and white than colour. I think it’s because in black and white, the patterns really stand out, whereas the colours can distract. Maybe more monochromatic instead of rainbow? I’ve been designing in front of a computer too long. On a computer, I can edit, move around, try endless combinations, or delete. On paper, there’s just so much more … Read More

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 11 :: Zentangle


I love drawing patterns. For me, there’s something relaxing in the repetition. AND, there’s actually a term for this kind of drawing! Zentangle! Who knew? Armed with new micron pens and guided by inspiration/tutorials found online, here’s my first zentangle piece. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Next week, I’m going to try it with some colour!

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 10 :: Hand lettered quote

When I was young, I did a lot of drawing and hand lettering. I loved it, but over time, I did it less and less, until not at all. Unfortunately, I became discouraged as a teenager when I saw others do much better work than me. There’s no time like the present to try again, right? Truthfully, I still resisted because I didn’t want to be shitty. Seems my crappy teenage attitude lingered. I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful and creative hand lettering on my Instagram feed lately. Finally, it became the relentless nudge I needed to pick up some pens … Read More

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 9 :: Triangles

Triangles are pretty popular right now for pattern illustrations and I’m a little bit in love. This week, I did up a few of my own. Presenting – triangles, three ways! The first is inspired by retro triangle patterns. It reminds me of some old Scandinavian sticker books I used to have in the 80s. For the second one, I’m playing around with overlapping colours and equilateral triangles. The third is a bit more free form, inspired a bit by gems and topography. This week kicked off a bit of a illustration/drawing bug so I hope to share more in … Read More

fiftytwocreatives :: Week 8 :: Kindle Case

I love reading. Always have, always will. But I found myself not reading as many books as I’d like. The good stuff was always checked out at the library, and being an apartment dweller, I don’t exactly have a ton of space to buy and keep them on the shelf. So I got a Kindle and it’s awesome! One of the great things about a Kindle is how light and small it is. But it’s also not a super durable device and a case is strongly recommended to protect the screen when you take it on the go. I didn’t … Read More