Unravel and recreate

Sometimes we need to unravel and recreate.

A couple days ago at yoga, my favourite teacher started the class by asking us about Cat’s Cradle. Remember? I spent many hours during my childhood playing this simple but evolving game, needing nothing more than a friend, our fingers, and a piece of string.

She continued by saying that after awhile, she’d be at a loss about her next move or it would get too complicated and she’d have to unravel and start again. Then she dropped some insight that stayed with me. We are just like that piece of string and sometimes we need to unravel and recreate. Sure, it can be tough because we get so attached to how we are, but the beauty is in letting go, softening when we meet the edges that confront us, and to have faith we can be reformed in any way we want.

What a great visual and so resonant. When I think of a something being bunched up and knotted (my headphones, CONSTANTLY, for example), the best way to untangle isn’t to pull harder with aggression, even if it’s how I feel. It’s to soften up and gently loosen bit by bit.

What if we treated ourselves this very same way?

What if when we feel metaphorically (or literally) in knots, tangled and complicated, we stop tugging, fighting or trying to make sense of it? Instead, what if we ease up, soften ourselves, and with compassion unravel back to our true and original form to recreate once again? What possibilities await with release?

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